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"Still a great deal," is the email received from a happy owner of a NEB Home (No Energy Bill Home). TAPA Homes designs and builds custom homes featuring the NEB model. The home owners sent a copy of their electric bill every month to let TAPA Homes know that the house is performing as advertised. It goes without saying that everyone would like to have a $3.44 electric bill. The average electric bill of this NEB Home for a 22 month period was $12.89. The homeowners purchased the NEB home at the end of 2011. The 22 month average electric usage has been 43.09/kwhrs. It is hard to put into perspective other than to say that the typical 1,500 square foot home consumes 1,200 kwhrs/month. That means that the NEB Home is 27 times more electricity efficient than a typical home.


Specializing in energy efficient, eco-friendly homes that are Energy Star certified with passive solar designs and new technologies. TAPA Homes creates some of the most modern modular homes and environmentally sound homes in Delaware and the surrounding region.

Energy Star Home Certified It maybe an option with other home builders but TAPA Homes has made a clear choice to help our customers save energy, money, and help the environment by building everyhome to Energy Star standards.  It is not just a blue sticker on the house but the house plans will be third-party certified and the construction of the home in the plant will be third-party certified.  That gives the customer the peace of mind to know their house is built to high energy efficient standards.  If the a customer wants to add more energy efficiency with a conditioned crawl space or basement, tankless water heater, or even solar panels, TAPA Homes can provide those options.  Our goal is to make each home an energy efficient home.   




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