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Turn Key Projects

A "Turn Key Project" is a home built on your lot where we provide everything from permitting to site preparation to Certificate of Occupancy. These projects are custom in nature so costs vary greatly. We not only meet your design, style, and comfort needs but we also try to meet your budgetary needs. Our rule of thumb when beginning a "Turn Key Project" is to start at a cost of $90/sf.

That will include most everything in the home.  For a Specification Sheet please fill out the contact form and request a copy. As you can imagine there are hundreds of variables that can affect the cost but $90/sf has been achieved by numerous of our customers.


"Deliver & Set"

Are you in the trades?  Do you have a family member or friends in the trades?  Are you detailed oriented and manage projects well?  Do you want to save thousands $$$?  If you answer yes to these questions than maybe the "Deliver & Set" option is for you.  Fill out the contact form and indicate your interest in a "Deliver & Set".  





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