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No Energy Bill Homes-NEB HomesOn the cutting-edge of home development, our "No Energy Bill" homes are designed to reduce your home's consumption of energy each monthly - possibly so much that it's actually generating its own! Using passive solar and site design energy efficiency techniques, our NEB homes can make reduce your monthly energy costs to little more than a footnote - saving both you and the environment some trouble.

Our NEB model home has monthly bills that average less than $20 a month - check out the stats for yourself and don't hesitate to view our NEB Model Home gallery.

NEB No Energy Bill Home Milford Delaware

Our No Energy Bill homes are everything you can imagine - custom designed, spacious, green homes, and up to all industry standards - and come with the perks and cost-cutting additions that only an NEB can produce.

Learn more about our NEB homes below!

For more information about our No Energy Bill Homes, contact the TAPA Homes office today! We'll be happy to show you how we can help you save green by going green!

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NEB Features & Specifications

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Energy Bill Homes deliever all the standard features and specs you'd expect out of a brand new home... with some very unique and useful twists! Learn more about our standard NEB features and specifications. Read more >

NEB Home Gallery

Our NEB model home (which is also for sale!) offers a great location, gorgeous layout and all the perks of a No Energy Bill home. Get an inside look! Read more >

NEB Home Costs

Interested in owning your own NEB home? Great! What can you expect to pay? We can break it all down. Read more >

NEB Model Home Energy Bills

They don't call them "no energy bill" homes for nothing! Check out some of our latest electric bills at the NEB model home and see how much YOU can save! Read more >




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