NEB Features

NEB Home Features:

Every design feature in the NEB Home will either reduce the consumption of energy or generate energy. Our goal at TAPA Homes was not to reinvent the wheel but to add spokes to the wheel that will make it energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and economically viable.

Passive Solar and Site Design: Energy efficiency begins with home placement. The NEB Home takes advantage of the natural elements as well as incorporating design and technology. Our passive solar design maximizes the suns heat in the winter and limits it in the summer. Windows are essential on the south side of the home.

Protecting The North Side: An 8' deep porch protects the front of the house while adding comfort space for lounging in the summer. Stone Veneer adds an additional R-3 value to the R-21 in the 2"x6", 24 O.C. exterior walls.

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Around the Home: The home is on a conditioned crawl space taking advantage of geothermal principles. We use the earths temperature below grade (53 -55 degrees) as a constant under the home, the garage is fully insulated, the ceiling has R-38 and we already discussed the R-21 exterior walls.

Appliances: All Energy Star including, dishwasher, clothes washer, and refrigerator. The hot water heater is a hybrid which uses an electric element in conjunction with heat pump technology. Also Energy Star certified. Just as important the hot water heater is in conditioned space, in the house not outside the house.

Certified Energy Efficient: Each NEB Home exceeds the minimum standard for Energy Star and has been certified as well as meeting the Silver level for the National Association of Home Builders Green Standard.

Heating and Cooling: A 16 SEER, variable speed heat pump with a programmable thermostat will be more than adequate to heat the home. Ceiling fans throughout the home will supplement the A/C and help keeping it cool in the summer.

Photovoltaic Energy: 4 kilowatts of photovoltaic solar panels will provide more than half the energy needed to operate this home. The remainder of the energy costs will be offset by the $1,900/year in Solar Renewable Energy Certificate income (SREC).

Reduced Emissions-Sustainable Living: These NEB Homes will do what all homes of the future need to do. They reduce demand for energy. But just as important the NEB Home will reduce the green house gas emissions by more than 4 metric tons a year. NEB Homes also provides the home owner with the opportunity to live a more sustainable life style.




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